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Brandon Bell- Campus Missionary

Brandon Bell is currently serving as our campus missionary to young adults and college students. He is married to Heather Bell and they have two daughters. Brandon and Heather both graduated from UNT and are thankful and excited to be back on their old stomping grounds. Go Eagles!

Brandon is excited to take the journey of outreach and spiritual guidance to young adults and college students.

If you'd like to contact Brandon Bell:


Phone- (214)-458-7722

Also feel free to look up Brandon Bell on Facebook! 


Michele Bentley-Campus Ministry Assistant

Michele Bentley has been at the campus community since 2016 and takes care of our Christian Campus Community building. Michele is married to Bob Bentley and they have two grown children and one grandson. Bob graduated from UNT and Michele graduated from TWU! Michele and Bob met through THEIR college ministry! Michele served for almost 20 years as a missionary in Africa. Michele is excited to serve young adults and college students through the Christian Campus Community.


Contact Brandon Bell


For any questions concerning our events, our building, or any personal concerns or prayer requests, feel free to contact Brandon through either email or phone.


If you'd like to speak to Brandon Bell directly:

Phone number: (214)-458-7722


Or you can visit the CCC during office hours to talk with Brandon Face to face:

Monday-Thursday 8am-5pm.


Contact Brandon Bell:

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